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Frame styles

Frames are available in different materials, sizes and styles to hold the lenses in place.

Full-rim frames

In a full-rim frame, the lenses are completely surrounded and secured by the rim of the frame. More frame material is therefore available, opening up multiple possibilities for frame colour and design.

Semi-rimless frames

In semi-rimless frames, the lenses are not fully surrounded by a rim but are held in place by a nylon cord. Just one part of the lens, usually the top, is fitted into the rim of the frame. A nylon cord running along the remaining part of the lens and attached to the frame holds each lens in place.

Rimless frames

With rimless frames, small screws are used to mount the lenses directly to the temples. They create a large field of view, unhindered by a rim. People see more of the wearer’s face which is another advantage over full-rim frames. In addition, rimless frames make the face look more symmetrical. Rimless frames are available in metal and plastic as well as in many different styles and designs. Since only little frame material is used, rimless glasses are lightweight and therefore more comfortable to wear.

Half-eye glasses

Half-eye glasses are small spectacles, usually half the height of standard spectacles. They feature a wider bridge to ensure the spectacles sit lower down on the nose. They are better known as reading glasses because they are only used for near vision. Half-eye glasses can be suitable when spectacle wearers need near correction while having good distance vision. The advantage of half-eye spectacles is that the spectacle wearer can look above the lenses to see into the distance and does not need to take the glasses off.

Children’s frames

Children’s frames must meet special requirements. Appropriate children’s frames should be small, robust and no wider than the child’s face. Proper frame fit is also crucial. The nose pads should be soft and sit flat on the sides of the nose to prevent pressure marks. Temples that wrap all the way around the back of the ear, also known as “cable temples”, can improve the fit and can help keep glasses from sliding down.


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Frame styles - individual materials and sizes at their best1
Frame styles - individual materials and sizes at their best2
Frame styles - individual materials and sizes at their best3
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