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Spectacle care

Purchasing a pair of spectacles is a long-term investment. To make the glasses last as long as possible, effective care and maintenance is essential.

The spectacle frame must be cleaned, removing e.g. hairspray, make-up, verdigris or grease residue from cooking. In addition, smudges, dust, dirt or fingerprints must be removed from the spectacle lenses to ensure clear vision.

Special cloths such as microfiber cloths are ideal for dry lens cleaning and removing fine dirt particles such as specks of dust. Coarse dirt is best flushed away with water and a mild detergent before wiping the lenses with clean lint-free cotton cloths. Using paper tissues, items of clothing such as T-shirts or soiled cloths to clean lenses can distribute dirt, dust or sand across the entire lens surface. “Cleaning” can thus have a rather abrasive effect and damage the coatings of the lens surface. The surface is then no longer homogeneous, and this results in unwanted light scatter. Spectacle wearers will encounter light reflections around light sources, especially in twilight. This is why clean, intact spectacle lenses are essential for crisp and clear vision.


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