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Blue blocking and comfort filters

Unlike regular sun protection lenses, blue blocking filters are special lenses that minimise glare and increase contrast. These filters are worn by people e.g. with cataract, AMD, ocular albinism, diabetic retinopathy or glare sensitivity, since they absorb a specific portion of the short-wavelength, high-energy blue light in the light spectrum. It is this band of short wavelengths that can cause damage to the retina, increase glare, reduce contrast sensitivity and reduce visual acuity. In healthy eyes, the cornea absorbs the short UVB wavelengths and the eye lens the long UVA wavelengths. Consequently, UV lighting (regardless of its intensity, e.g. sea, mountains, snow) cannot damage the retina.

Unlike blue blocking filters, comfort filters have only a “blue attenuating effect”. They deliver colour-neutral images because they only decrease the transmission of disturbing blue light, while allowing other spectral colours pass through. They provide protection against disabling glare and UV radiation, thus enhancing visual comfort. Contact your eye care professional for advice on finding a solution to suit your particular needs. They will be happy to take the time to advise you on the ideal blue blocking filter lenses to suit your individual requirements in the context of the results of various measurements.

Watch the following video to learn more about the difference between common sunglasses and IV Proshield light protection spectacles.

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Blue blocking and comfort filters

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Blue blocking and comfort filters – higher contrast, better vision1
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