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Ergonomics and magnifiers

Ergonomics and magnifiers

As the technology used in illuminated magnifiers has continued to evolve, improvements to their design have also been made. For instance, ergonomic aspects found their way into magnifiers a few years ago, making them even more user-friendly.


The handle of SCHWEIZER’s ERGO-Line is slightly curved to promote a natural wrist posture, ensuring that it fits comfortably in the hand. The prominent handle end provides additional stabilising support without impairing freedom of movement. The magnification head can thus easily be held at the ideal distance from the viewing plane. Fine adjustments can be made using the thumb and index finger.

The ERGO-Lux MP magnifier series is fitted with a 4-chip SMDLED for bright lighting and can easily be converted into a stand magnifier thanks to its magnetic connection with the ERGO-Base, a fixed focus holder that can be tilted in two directions. Switch and battery box provide audible feedback during operation.

The ERGO-Lux MP magnifiers are suitable for left and right-handed use thanks to the reading tilt. The series features a thumb rest and palm support for comfortable, long-term use.


ERGO-Lux MP magnifiers offer two brightness levels thanks to the Multi-Power light option. They are also available in three light temperatures and magnifications ranging from 8 to 24 dioptres.

Multi-Power light option with 2 brightness Levels   /  3 light temperatures (2700 K, 4500 K, 6500 K)


ERGO-Lux MP mobil

ERGO-Lux MP mobilERGO-Lux MP mobil is an ergonomically designed, portable hand magnifier. It is available in 17 variants, 14 lenses, 3 light temperatures and 11 magnification powers ranging from 6 to 56 dioptres. It also features the Multi-Power light option with 2 brightness levels to adjust the light intensity to the reading material and to individual requirements.

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Dispensing basics for optical magnifiers

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