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Illuminated magnifiers

Illuminated magnifiers reduce the magnification power required

The ocular media become increasingly “cloudy“ as we age. This can be attributed to the ageing of eye tissue but also to degenerative eye diseases such as age-related macular degeneration. As a result, a sixty-year old man may require 15 times more light for the same visual task (e.g. reading) than a ten-year old boy in order to experience the same level of comfort and effectiveness.
This is why magnifiers with integrated lighting are increasingly used: optimal illumination of reading material significantly improves contrast and consequently visual performance, and this leads to lower magnification power requirements.

Today, a variety of magnifier models are available in different light temperatures and a wide range of magnifications.

A comprehensive selection of magnifiers includes magnifier handles in different light temperatures that can be combined with magnification heads in the relevant powers.

Since the introduction of LED lighting for illuminated magnifiers, battery-operated models are almost exclusively used. This has been made possible by the low energy consumption and high light output of LEDs. LED lighting enables mains-independent use of illuminated magnifiers anywhere, anytime. LED illuminated stand magnifiers are available in magnifications from 8 to 56 D and are particularly well suited for people with severe visual impairment.

Due to the short working distance of high-power magnifiers, it is often advantageous to select a stand magnifier to ensure a stable fixed distance to the object and thus a consistently sharp image. Stand magnifiers are an economical low vision solution for all levels of magnification.

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Illuminated magnifiers - reduce the magnification needed1
Illuminated magnifiers - reduce the magnification needed2
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