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Scanning and reading devices

Scanning and reading devices are electronic text-to-speech devices for people who are blind and those with visual impairment. They provide speech access to all types of printed materials, including printed pages, pill bottles, recipes, and newspapers. Choose among several different voices and languages the one which suits the best for the user. The latest devices are lightweight and portable so they can be easily carried and used – for the home, office, and on the go. The user just needs to position the reading material underneath the camera, press the scan button and wait a few seconds until the unit has scanned the image and starts reading out the text aloud. Daisy buttons help to navigate within the text, for example, to go back to a previous part of the next to repeat it again. Some scanning and reading devices are available with an in-built monitor which gives the user the possibility to read the scanned text themselves, including changing magnification and contrast colors or even provide a live camera view in order to magnify an image, for example, of a bill bottle, direct.

Features of Scanning and reading devices

State of the art scanning and reading devices are lightweight and easy to carry (available with a handle) – for the home, office, and on the go.

Easy-to-use: Place the document under the camera – which depending on the product type needs to be opened first – press the scan-button and after a few seconds, the device starts reading the text aloud automatically. This enables you to read your daily mail, invoices as well as your favorite cooking recipe.



Depending on the user’s vision, there is the possibility to follow the text on the screen while the unit is reading the text aloud. It is recommended to activate a contrast color which suits the user’s vision. Daisy buttons help to navigate through the text – in order to go back to the beginning or just to spell a single word.

Save scanned documents, such as books and let them read aloud when you feel like.

Fully charged batteries last up to five hours. After a customized period of inactivity, the device can go into standby mode to consume less power.


Courtesy of
VFO Suisse GmbH

Scanning and reading devices - turning text to speech1
Scanning and reading devices - turning text to speech2
Scanning and reading devices - turning text to speech3
Courtesy of

VFO Suisse GmbH

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