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Protecting the eyes during outdoor activities

The eyes require special protection during outdoor activities

After a long day at work, our eyes welcome the sun when we go outside cycling, hiking or golfing, on a short trip, a motorcycling or sailing tour or to just sit outside in a nice street cafe. Whatever outdoor activity we choose, proper sun protection should always be a priority. Taking care of our skin and applying sunscreen has become natural for many of us. By contrast, we often forget to protect our eyes from exposure to UV radiation on a bright sunny day.

UV and blue light damage the retina

Wearing a good pair of sunglasses that offer 100% UV protection is imperative for outdoor activities over an extended period. However, in addition to UV radiation, visible blue light is also bad for our visual organs. Studies have shown that long-term exposure to blue light can damage the retina. Standard sunglasses allow light from the entire visible light spectrum to pass through evenly. Lenses with blue-blocking or comfort filters such as ImproVision’s PROSHIELD series are ideal for ensuring better eye protection. They either fully or partly absorb short-wavelength blue light radiation.

In addition to protecting the retina, these special filters can also reduce glare and increase contrast vision. Blue light is the portion of the light spectrum that is scattered most. As a result, the light scatter is superimposed on the retinal images and impairs our vision. Take for instance headlights with a “cold” blue tinge. They cause significantly more disabling glare than standard yellowish headlights.

Hip and healthy

“Healthy lenses” are no longer drab and clunky thanks to fashionable eyewear solutions. A wide variety of stylish models for men and women make you look good – whether you are riding a motorcycle or surfboard. What’s more, glare-free vision enables you to reach your sporting objective safely.


Light protection spectacles with blue blocking filters are available in different frame designs.

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