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ERGO-Lux i mobil

Cutting-edge technology facilitates use of illuminated magnifiers by older people.

Good vision plays a key role when it comes to the independence and quality of life of older people. However, senior citizens in particular often suffer from eye problems. According to the "Kuratorium Gutes Sehen”, an initiative for good vision, one in five people aged 70 and over in Germany have such poor vision that they can no longer manage with standard prescription glasses. There is a wide range of visual aids available today that can support weak eyes. Modern technology is increasingly being used - from sophisticated LED lighting in magnifiers to digital readers.

No more changing of batteries thanks to inductive charging

Although new technologies offer a wide range of possibilities, older people often shy away from the supposedly complicated use. This starts, for example, with the battery replacement in LED illuminated handheld magnifiers. Older people often find it difficult to open and close the battery box and insert the batteries properly. This is also true for handling cables and small plugs. The new “ERGO-Lux i mobil” magnifier series from SCHWEIZER provides relief in this context. It features the world’s first magnifier with inductive charging and eliminates the need to replace batteries. To charge the magnifier, its handle is simply placed on the charging pad. After a short time, the visual aid is ready for use, illuminating the field of view in the usual brightness.

The importance of lighting for a magnifier usually becomes evident when a person is out and about. In contrast to the home environment, where lighting has been adjusted to suit the individual visual impairment, lighting is often dim and casts shadows at bus stops, in shops or restaurants, making reading even more difficult. In addition to offering an even, bright spread of light, modern illuminated magnifiers are also available in three light temperatures: warm white, neutral white and cool white. It is thus possible to optimise vision according to the relevant eye problem and personal preferences. The innovative magnifiers are available from eye care professionals, who will be happy to adjust them to individual requirements.

Innovations made by SCHWEIZER have always been milestones in low vision care and set the pace in the industry. SCHWEIZER’s product development focuses on patients and their needs. New technologies such as multi-chip LEDs are incorporated to facilitate the everyday lives of patients. The older people get, the more likely they are to be affected by various age-related changes: in addition to reduced visual acuity, changes in colour perception and impaired hearing, manual dexterity and body strength also decrease gradually. Opening a battery box and replacing batteries can thus become an increasingly difficult task for older people. SCHWEIZER has the solution: battery changes are no longer required to provide illuminated magnifiers with power. Cut the cord – goodbye to battery anxiety. The new ERGO-Lux i  mobil ensures greater comfort!

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Inductive illuminated magnifier – goodbye battery changing!1
Inductive illuminated magnifier – goodbye battery changing!2
Inductive illuminated magnifier – goodbye battery changing!3
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