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Low vision:

Fundamental aspects of low vision service

This seminar provides a comprehensive overview of the fundamental aspects to be considered when… ►read more

High addition spectacles

High addition spectacles play a key role when it comes to low vision solutions. The following seminar provides an overview of… ►read more

Dispensing basics for optical magnifiers

Optical magnifiers play a key role when it comes to low vision solutions. The following seminar provides an overview of… ►read more

Low vision lighting

Lighting plays a major role when providing professional help to people with low vision. However, some fundamental differences must be considered when… ►read more

Fitting Galilean telescopic spectacles

Telescopic spectacles are among the few visual aids that can be used for distance and near viewing alike when combined with front caps. This seminar will show you how easy it is to… ►read more

Blue blocking and comfort filters

People with reduced visual acuity often also experience lower contrast sensitivity. Special blue blocking and comfort filters can provide help in this context. This video details their characteristic features,… ►read more



Causes of AMD and possible visual aids

Age-related macular degeneration (AMD) is an eye disorder that most likely occurs after the age of 50 and affects the centre of the retina. It can lead to the loss of central vision and… ►read more

Causes (aetiology) of cataracts

The natural lens of the eye invariably tends to become cloudy sooner or later. This can be attributed to the normal aging process, but also… ►read more

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